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newly installed mirror lake laminate in living room


Mirror Lake™ Performance Flooring.

Crafted to endure any lifestyle, Mirror Lake Performance Flooring features waterproof technology that helps protect homes from accidents of any type. Pet-approved and equipped with a super durable, Superbase™ construction, Mirror Lake can handle nearly anything life throws at it, while offering the timeless, indisputable beauty of hardwood.

Complete waterproof protection, offering a revolutionary waterproof flooring system which allows Mirror Lake Performance Flooring to be installed in any room of the house. You get the stunning great looks of hardwood but at a FRACTION OF THE COST. All the way around—Mirror Lake Performance Flooring is more cost efficient—including maintenance later on! Thanks to the SNAPSEAL™ JOINT, our floor won't trap dirt, dust, or moisture. Not only do you have freedom from worrying about allergen triggers, but you also have a flooring surface that's easy to clean and maintain creating safe home environment for your entire family.



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CLEAN·N·GO™ Maintenance

Low maintenance finish that is ecologically friendly and allergen-free, so you can enjoy easy, time saving care for today’s active homes.

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SNAPSEAL™ Locking System

Ensures a perfect installation every time. Our quick snapping joint creates a tight waterproof seal—no need to worry about dust, dirt, or moisture underneath your floor!

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SUPERBASE™ Construction

Featuring a remarkably dense and sound absorbing construction—Mirror Lake Performance Flooring provides a safe and firm foundation over any surface!

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Invincible Intensity SURFACESHIELD™

Simply put, it’s the most durable finish available with its unique protective layer providing superior scratch, scuff, and stain resistance.


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